Gilly Messenger


Lightweight Messenger inspired in MSN 5


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Gilly Messenger is an extremely light instant messenger that was inspired by older versions of MSN Messenger. Its main characteristic is that it may be used on older computers or as a sencond Messenger.
Gilly Messenger includes all the basic functions of any IM , but without the trappings and ornaments of other options. It has status indicators, support for file transfer, and some shortcuts to other MSN services (mail, MSN profile, chat ...) and message history.

With regard to your contacts, you can import and export lists, as well as manage your contacts by groups. You can also activate autoresponders, send messages to all our contacts to all your contacts or set up alerts based on your preferences.

As mentioned, Gilly Messenger has two very marked potential users: those whose computers are old, and those who for whatever reason miss the simplicity of older versions of MSN Messenger.